The art of camera operating is a craft that demands not only the technical knowledge of the tool,

but also an in-depth understanding and feel for the script.

Thomas is a Steadicam and Camera Operator currently based in Munich, Germany,

who is always looking to find the heart of a script and help translate it into dynamic images that will drive the story for both the Director and Cinematographer.

This has led to many fruitful collaborative efforts with both local and foreign production companies.

Armed with a deep knowledge and practice of both film and digital cameras, from working up the camera department ranks, Thomas constantly strives to expand his repertoire in camera operating.

This has brought him to the world of the amazing tool: the Steadicam.

His training under the legendary Garrett Brown and Jerry Holway in Philadelphia has proven to be a turning point in his career.

In October 2007, Thomas received his credentials from the prestigious SOA (Steadicam Operators Association) as an active member.

A big believer in continuous learning and team playing, Thomas is on a journey to achieving and providing the best images possible with the best minds around.

He continues to work internationally on films and commercials that challenge him to bring his operating up to a different level.

Thomas gear consists of  state of the art Steadicam, MK-V Omega AR2 and ARRI Trinity systems, suitable for every camera whether digital or film.